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You Need To Perform At Your Highest Level

You Need More Mental Clarity & Focus

You Want Your Subsconsious Work For You, Not Against You

80% of high performance and success is mindset. 

What is SuperPower?




Master Your Mindset

Take your daily thoughts under control. Improve your mental and emotional state to strengthen your mindset

Find Your Innate Talents

Identify and develop exceptional inner resources that were given to you at birth

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Eliminate invisible blocks and resistance that are holding you back. Experience advanced methods of subconscious transformation

Boost Your Performance

Improve your productivity and performance using brain and behaviour science

Improve Your Emotional Resilience

Build up your inner resistance to stress and feeling overwhelmed by adopting a winning champion-like emotional resilience

Expand Your Awareness

Take your consciousness to unexpected levels to become the master of your destiny

The Results You Will Achieve in 8 weeks

Integrate all the pieces of your personality, unlock your suppressed inner power and get a full picture of your strengths and areas of development

Overcome inner resistance and procrastination to go from average results to skyrocket your performance and productivity

Identify and eliminate your subconscious blocks: fear, guilt, unworthiness, self-doubt, self-sabotaging behaviours etc.

Reevaluate your existing habits and create your daily success rituals

Master advanced visualization, self-hypnosis and meditation

Learn advanced techniques to control your thinking, emotional state and energy levels

Boost your confidence, improve your self-image and self-esteem

Adopt the psychology of the world-leading champions using their mindset training methods

What Our Clients Say

Thanks exclusively to SuperPower, I am now well on my way to being a successful entrepreneur. 

John Barnes

Founder of Lex Vobiscum

I highly recommend them to everyone who wants to experience a real breakthrough in life.

Nupur Priya


SuperPower can help you make serious changes in your life, make sure to fasten your seat belt!

Anna Cherkashina


What Will You Get When You Join Our Program

A detailed psychological and spiritual assessment of your personality type (about 50+ pages) to give you clarity about your strengths ( value £399)

8 weeks of the personalized, interactive training with individual approach and honest feedback (in person or online):

    Entrepreneurial mindset and psychology strengthening training (value from £1199 to £2199)

    Peak performance and productivity 1-on-1 training (value from £1199 to £2199)

    Subconscious mind reprogramming training (value from £999 to £1999)

Access to SuperPower accountability app where you can get support 24/7 (value £99)

Superpower resources library (value £299)

Entrepreneur Community in a closed Facebook Group to network with the like-minded individuals

Total Online Coaching Value: £4,194


Total Live Coaching Value: £7,194 

Get More Value For Less


Straightforward pricing, no secrets and hidden fees



Online Coaching

For those who want to be coached from anywhere



Full Access To Our Program

Weekly Coaching Calls With Our Mentors

In-Person Coaching

For those who want in-person coaching in London



Full Access To Our Program

Weekly In-Person Sessions With Our Mentors

Our Guarantee To You

7-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

What Makes SuperPower Different?

Training According To Your Unique Personality

One of the major steps of the program is your psychological and spiritual profiling which will give you a clear vision of who you are why you do things the way you do them.

Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions With Your SuperPower Mentors

In-depth one-on-one breakdown of your weekly performance. Get critical feedback from your SuperPower mentors and start performing at a new level. 

Full Access To Our Accountability App

What gets measured gets improved. You will gain full access to our accountability apps which will track and improve your progress.  As a member, you will also get chat support from our top mentors. 

Get 50+ Pages Of Your Personalised Roadmap To Your Peak Peformance

Your own workbook with proven peak performance strategies for your personality. Use your natural talents and skills to build up your high status.

Surefire Way To Develop Your Unique Abiluty Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible


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